Fishing With Vets Schnorr Mudfest

What a huge gathering of people who support our veterans! 

I parked early in Chisolm MN near the Mining Museum. Drove my four wheeler over to main street and discovered that the event was already gearing up. There was a DJ playing music at the end of a closed off block with two lanes of ATV/UTV already parking down the middle of the road and parked along the sides. Registration table, split the pot, and silent auctions were already set up. I had heard from others at Rays that this was a big event. But I did not realize the amount of people that took the time to come out and support this event. Not only that, but had been at the event years past which was evident by the t-shirts and hoodies from the past. It was great to see!

As I had came at around 8:30 and the ride didn't actually kick off until 10:00 I sat on my wheeler and just watched as more and more and more people came and lined up for the ride. At one point I tried to count how many there were, but every time I looked around more were coming in. Not only did they fill up the block but they eventually started filling up the other blocks on the main street as well. 


At 10:00 they did some announcements and then started the National Anthem and called the colors. Which was beautiful, there is something about this big huge, kinda rowdy group all so silent with respect and pride. That it felt really moving. It also reminded all of us that yes we were there to have fun and enjoy the day but the real reason we all came together. Thank you to all our veterans! Also thank you to all those involved in making this event what it is!


We then started with a parade around the lake. Which was quite a sight. I did see a lot of people recording it as we came by. So please share if you can. The only thing that I was concerned with is that I ended up starting and stopping a lot, so I wasn't sure if my machine would get too hot. But we eventually got to Chisolm Trail and got moving along. It was still quite packed so we did not move very quickly which I didn't enjoy very much but knew that would change as the day continued.

(Videos featuring us leaving main street)


 I just want to say thank you also to all the community assistance and volunteers that helped make this day a safe and fun day!

It was my first time on the Chisolm trail maintained by Northern Traxx ATV Club. I have to say its a fun trail. I really enjoyed it just because its so diverse. In some areas its rocky and hilly. Well others parts are straight and sandy. I of course enjoy the parts with mud and there was also quite a bit of that but not to the extreme where you are worried about getting stuck or that you wont it through. 

(video of the mud and bridge on the Chisolm Trail)


Our first stop was at Hwy 5 Bar and Grill, and the plan was for an hour and half. But I'm pretty sure we were visiting for about an hour and I still saw vehicles coming in and finding a spot to park. 

It was actually kind of funny seeing people try to take our group photo because it was so large! So thank you to the person who stood on top of one of the four wheelers and used my phone for a picture :-) (Short Group Video)

We eventually got our picture and made way to our lunch spot  Which was a spot with a pavilion on the trial. It was perfect spot for all of us to gather, and the food was delicious! I met so many great people through out the day, but I felt like I really got to meet some of the people at this spot. Kids ran around and played, puppies getting dirty, and people hugging and smiling, and full of shenanigan's. Just plain fun! 


Then it was time to head back to main street! I headed out pretty quickly so that I could kind of experience the trail by myself and man did I have fun. Turns, hills, mud, trees, the sound of the engine, aaaammmaaazzziiinnngggg! I love riding with others but there is also something very nice about it just being you and being a speck in the middle of the woods :-) I actually went on this ride with my daughter and I let her lead and at one point I came out of the woods on a powerline and she had gone so much faster then me then I could see her on the power line on the trail further down from me, I don't know where she gets her need for speed, J/K. But what she was excited about the whole day was the food trucks! So as soon as we got back we indulged. I have to say our favorite were the nachos, so good!!


By that point I was wet with mud and rain. Had a full stomach. And ready for a nap lol! So even though there was a band, fireworks and so much more, we loaded up and headed home. But it wasn't until I was sitting in my living room the next day scrolling though Facebook that I came across this message that it really hit what this ride really means to all of who were there and those of us who were not! I will never forget!

Yesterday we had our annual fundraiser in
Chisholm, MN Fishing With Vets Schnorr Mudfest. This event came from humble beginnings in board member Todd Schnorr’s backyard 9 years ago, today it is the primary fundraising event for Fishing with Vets. The whole reason Todd started this ride was to honor and remember 9/11 with his friends and family. Now we share the same sentiment with Todd and get to share it with him and all of our friends. Today the sentiment remains the same, never forget. Our event was wildly successful, we have a list of people, volunteers, sponsors, and businesses to thank that is a mile long. But for today, 21 years later, we will put all that on hold, and simply remind everyone to never forget. Never forget the day it happened, never forget those individuals and families that will forever be affected, never forget the first responders who didn’t get to go home, never forget the members of our armed forces who were swiftly called into action, never forget how we as a country stood together as friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, as one, in the days weeks months and years after that tragic day. Simply, never forget.
Thank you for reading,
Amy Ellis

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