Girls Getting Dirty For ALS

This ladies only event started on Friday August 26th with quite a few of the ladies camping at Lawrence Lake Liquor located on Scenic 7 in Bovey MN. I was able to drive our demo Polaris RZR over there and just drive through. It was great to feel the excitement for the next day's festivities in the air. 

I woke Saturday morning, with my 17 year old daughter leaning over me, stating that it was raining and asking if we were still going. I told her, heck, yeah! This means no dust, and lots of MUD! Which she agreed makes for a great atv/utv trail ride. I had invited my mother, sister, and cousin with me also, because the more the merrier for such a great cause. So we got ready and met up with some of our group at LLL and I have to admit they were moving pretty slowly as some of them had a late night visit. But soon enough we were on our way to the parking lot of the Little Moose Trail. 

The first thing I noticed about this ride was that it was very organized. Waivers were signed and signs were posted on the trail earlier. Also the amount of help and assistance were great from the very beginning. The volunteers had walkie talkies to make sure everyone knew where to go and what the plan was. My daughter was riding on our four wheeler and I just happened to notice her front right tire was pretty low. I mentioned it to the volunteers and a gentleman came over with an air compressor and made sure we were all ready for the ride. My mom had graciously made some monster cookies for the ride so we made sure that he got some for his hard work :-)

We rolled out and it was pretty quickly evident that the rain had done its work and we were blessed with my favorite thing on a trail, mud! I was deliriously happy! My family that decided to join me realized that they really were wise in grabbing ponchos or any rain gear they had brought along as I was not shy about finding all the puddles (Evil Laugh). Occasionally I would stop before a really wet spot and take a vote yea or nay, which they always responded with GO FOR IT! We also did not have a windshield in the four seater SXS I was driving so we had quite a bit of water rise up in the air and come straight in at us which made us chuckle and giggle so hard that by the time we stopped for a rest we all had to find a tree. 

I have to say one of my favorite parts about this ride was the Hill Billy theme. The costumes that everyone came in were so much fun. Also there is something so fun about these events where everyone is just here to have a good time and make sure that everyone shares in that. I spoke to so many great ladies that I’ve never seen before but would love to see again just because of the joy that we all share for the trails and being out in nature. I even saw the lady from another ride that recommended this ride to me, so I have to say thank you because I would have missed out.

After going down the Little Moose Trail we eventually got on the B&B Trail and headed over for a lunch that was included in the cost of the ride. The Swampsiders Club was a perfect spot. I have to say I’m a little biased as my wedding reception was there and my grandparents were part of the club. My mom made sure to point out places along the ride that she knew of, we even drove right next to some relatives houses, even where my mom grew up. 

Following lunch we participated in many games including a bead game where we stood in a circle and you put your hands on your head or your bottom. Then someone in the middle flipped a coin and if they said heads if your hands were on your head you got to keep your beads but if you chose wrong you had to take off one of your bead necklaces back to the organizers. Which resulted in a lot of giggles and was very entertaining. 

Then it was time for a group picture. One of the volunteers was so kind as to take some pictures for me which turned out included pictures of himself :-).  Which actually was great because these guys did so much to make sure they were at every road crossing and making sure everyone from the beginning riders to the very tail end of the group all got safely to our next stop so thank you all! Also it took quite a bit of time for us to take this picture because it just so happened there was a line to the bathroom so we had to wait, for it would not have been right to miss out on any of these characters.

We got on the B&B trail again which of course is a great trail. It is very well maintained with lots of scenic views and of course I have to mention the awesome bridges. Next stop was at the Antler Lodge for food, snacks, drinks and ice cream  and then back on the trails. I was so busy being in the moment that I hardly took any pictures of the next few stops so feel free to leave some on our FB comments.

After hours of fun we split up into two groups. One headed back to the LLL and those parked at the Little Moose. I was a little sad to see that we would end our day but at the same time I think quite a few of us were ready for clean dry clothes. I don't know how much was raised from the event but I know for sure I will be at next year's event, which as of now the theme for next year will be prom. Which sounds like too much fun to miss out on! Thank you all for those who put on this event and to the destinations we went to for having us. Also for all the sponsors and donations.

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  • Sue Reijo

    I’ve missed this event for 2 years now. I think it’s a very worthy cause. It also involves many of my relatives. So I’m looking for prom dress for next year!!! Thanks Lori you’re the BEST!!

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