Lawron Trail Riders Snowmobile Clubhouse Grand Opening

It was a fun Saturday get together this December 3rd at the the Lawron Trail Riders Snowmobile Clubhouse Grand Opening! I got there around noon to the parking lot full of people eager to check out the new space for the club. As soon as I opened my car door I could smell the BBQ.


Then I walked in and was greeted by the presidents wife who told me a lot of the history of the club and up and coming plans they have in mind for the future. Then proceeded to give me a run down of the trails they maintain and assisted in signing up for the door prizes.


(Highlighted in yellow is trail maintained by the club)

After getting some good BBQ, chips, cookie, and hot chocolate I checked out the new club. After you walk in the door is an open area. Then to your right is some rest rooms and to your left is an office. But what really pulled my attention was the trail equipment.


 I will definitely be checking out these trails and maybe stopping in at the club house for more good conversation with other local people who are passionate about snowmobiling. 

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Amy Ellis

E-Commerce Specialist

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